Top 3 Country Artists Who Support the Military

Media figures are often seen as anti-military; probably since they’re surrounded by the coastal elite all the time (or are part of the elite themselves).

But show business isn't all bad... The inspiring part of this story is, there are still some prominent and well-loved artists out there who demonstrate a different, more respectful attitude toward the military.

Today, we're tipping our hats to 3 of our favorite country performers.

They'll each be getting an extra standing ovation from us, thanks to their efforts in backing our proudly serving military...

Here's our pick of the top 3 country artists that support our military today:

George Strait

George Strait is actually a veteran, which explains why he still supports the military today.

To show and increase public support, he holds concerts in honor of the military every year and tries to raise funds for Wounded Warriors: a nonprofit dedicated to helping America’s veterans with their financial troubles. It also provides help to American soldiers who are currently overseas.

Strait emphasizes that the American men and women in the military are among the bravest who have ever lived.

Not only does he prioritize service members at his concerts, he goes above and beyond in another way: By offering mortgage-free homes to military families. That’s a huge deal, and it really shows that Strait walks the walk, as well as talking the talk.

It doesn’t hurt that his music is pretty good, too!

Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins is another popular country artist who’s vocal about his military support.

In fact, he does a USO tour every year in support of the troops. He plays for both soldiers and civilians, doing his part to spread excellent music and bring a smile to those who defend our freedom each and every day.

Adkins was presented with the Outstanding Civilian Service Award in September of 2019 in recognition of his various charitable acts. This was to show that the military, in turn, appreciates him as much as he supports them. Furthermore, Adkins is the current spokesperson for the aforementioned Wounded Warriors Project.

Even better, Adkins volunteers for Operation Homefront: yet another nonprofit dedicated to helping our soldiers.

This nonprofit offers emergency financial assistance for veterans and active service members, plus offers mortgage-free homes for any struggling veterans. Offering housing is one of the best gifts anyone can give to those who defend our own homes.

Miranda Lambert

It isn’t just male country artists who support our troops!

Miranda Lambert arguably takes the cake for the highest number of appearances at charity and support concerts specifically held to entertain the men and women who enlist in our military. This is appropriate since many folks love Lambert’s music, including tons of veterans!

More than that, Lambert is known to step off the stage and personally connect with some of the service members who come to watch her sing and perform.

This really goes to show a personal touch that our military men and women often need, especially in times when they’re somewhat unappreciated by much of the American public.


It’s wonderful to see these country artists – those who arguably make the "most American" music there is (except for rock n’ roll!), – supporting our troops so openly.

We should all be so bold and unabashed about our support for our military. They need all the morale help they can get, especially when they come home from a long tour overseas.

Thank you for reading... United We Stand.