The Most Conservative American Cities

It’s true that the vast majority of cities tend toward the liberal side of the political spectrum.

There are several guesses as to why this is– Perhaps it’s because most big cities lie on the coastlines, so they get more trade and international visitors; resulting in more diversity of opinions? Others believe it’s because young people tend to be more liberal than older folks; and many colleges that attract young people also commonly crop up in coastal cities...

But, the above trend is far from a hard-and-fast rule. There are also big cities with a more conservative lean.

Let’s break down the 5 most conservative American cities today, in case you’re looking to move or attend college in the near future...

Mesa, AZ

This city lies to the east of Phoenix and is actually the largest suburban city in the US by population. It was once home to the Hohokam Native Americans, who maintained an ingenious canal system, the remnants of which can still be seen today.

These days, it’s also a center for US military personnel and a large farming community, though modern industries have also swept in over time.


Oklahoma City, OK

This state capital is particularly well known for its cowboy culture and its history as a center for the oil extraction industry. It’s the 25th most populous state in the United States and boasts one of the largest livestock markets in the entire world.

It's arguably one of the biggest centers of civilization in the entire Plains region, so it may come as a welcome relief for those used to extremely rural communities that often lack for interesting things to do. It's currently in the middle of an active oilfield and has lots of military personnel thanks to the nearby Air Force Base as well. 


Virginia Beach, VA

This coastal city boasts prime real estate for those who can afford it and one of the most picturesque boardwalks in the nation: it stretches for 3 miles. It's very close to the original landing site for the Jamestown colonists back in 1607 if you’re interested in America’s historical heritage.

Today, visitors and residents can enjoy the city's aquarium and Marine Science Center, plus a number of other universities and tourist attractions.


Colorado Springs, CO

This city is the more southern counterpart to Denver. It’s at the feet of the Rocky Mountains and is, therefore, a popular spot for those who love the outdoors and hiking. It sits at an elevation of 6035 feet, meaning its air is also a little thinner than that in other parts of the country.

The iconic Garden of the Gods park displays breathtaking mountain views and the red sandstone formations that have made magazine covers for decades.


Jacksonville, FL

This is the most populous city in Florida and is also the largest city by area in the US. It’s nestled on the banks of the St. Johns River and is an important harbor for the region.

These days, it’s a center for multiple military bases and tourist attractions, particularly for golf fanatics.

Any of the above cities could be a good match for young or old conservative people looking for a metropolitan lifestyle without having to deal with incessant liberal attitudes. Good luck and, if you decide to go, let us know what you think of any of these places!

Thank you for reading, United We Stand.



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