STAND Gift Guide: Patriotic Presents for Classic American Families

The festive season is a time for family. Of coming together, celebrating life’s pleasures, breaking bread, and sharing special moments.

While many of us have struggled in past years to dream up an ideal holiday gift for that special family in our circle… This year, we know without a doubt what to get.

A meaningful gift that embodies everything proud and pure in this great country of ours. One that celebrates our freedom, sparks inspiration in the younger generation, honors the sacrifices of those before us, and nurtures the ideals every American family upholds. 

As we gather with great purpose this festive season, we hold those nearest and dearest to us close - with a new appreciation of togetherness. 

We’ve stood together through a year’s worth of challenges; as families, and as a nation. So this year, we celebrate joy through standing united.

Every American family will summon strength and inspiration from these powerfully symbolic patriotic gifts.

5. The Roosevelt Flagpole Kit

Give the ultimate gift of patriotic pride with the Roosevelt Flag Pole Kit. It’s built to withstand Category 1 Hurricane wind speeds & anything else your family can throw at it.

Constructed from incredibly durable & reliable aluminum, the Roosevelt also features a pinching exterior sleeve. Easily fly two flags at once, plus half-staff with our premium rope & pully tophat.

4. The Giant Telescoping Flagpole Kit

Our more affordable option for flagpoles is still vastly superior to any other one out there. 

Built from sturdy & reliable 16 Gauge Rustproof Aluminum, the Standard Flag Pole Kit features the capability to extend up to 20’ through 5’ telescoping sections.

It also boasts the ability to fly two flags at once with its tangle-proof rope & pulley system.

3. The Solar Flag Pole Light

Day or night, rain or shine, you can fly your flag 24/7 confidently without violating U.S. Flag Code with the Solar Flag Pole Light.

Utilizing solar power & batteries, this unique add-on automatically turns on at night, and off in the morning.

Once your loved one places this easy-to-install light on their flag pole, they never have to worry about it again.

2. Old Glory

Take your pick from our collection of premium quality, American-made embroidered flags and choose the perfect size for their new flagpole. 

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1. The STAND Gift Card

Or, let them choose themselves! Grab your favorite family a STAND Flag Poles Gift Card to shop the collections.

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Uniting the families closest to your heart couldn’t be more gratifying, when you give the gift of patriotic pride.

You won’t just be making memories that last a lifetime with this festive gift for the whole family:

Their STAND flag pole will still be standing strong and resilient, even long after their youngest eagle has spread their wings and flown the nest...

Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays, safe and together,

STAND Flag Poles Patriot