5 Ways Our Solar Flag Pole Light Dominates All Others

Illuminating the pride of our nation is an around-the-clock job of incredible importance. Luckily, our Solar Flag Pole Light is up to the task, and will never allow America's honor to be enveloped in darkness.

Flying the American flag in your domain is the ultimate display of patriotism. We couldn't stand behind this representation of our ideals more as proud Americans; 

But did you know that there are some guidelines for proper nighttime flag-flying etiquette set out in the US Flag Code?

It's a mark of respect to lower your flag and bring it inside each night, with the exception of when you illuminate it with a light after sunset. 

We like to honor Old Glory in all her splendor and display our respect unfalteringly, so creating a powerful and reliable light source was at the top of our lists. With such a crucial honor to carry out, the ultimate solar flag pole light was born.

Here's 5 ways the STAND Solar Flag Pole Light dominates all its competitors:

5. Intuitive Automatic Illumination

Unlike many others on the market, the Stand Solar Flag Pole Light turns on and off by itself. 

The LED lights come on in the evening, and then switch off in the morning when the sun comes up. 

No switches for you to worry about, no having to remember to turn it on each night; just attach it onto the top of your Roosevelt or Standard 20 ft Flag Pole & let it run.

4. Keeps the Stars (and Stripes) Shining All Night Long

Other solar flag pole lights out there start off strong when you first buy them, but gradually weaken over time and won't continue to stay brightly lit all night long. 

Eventually, you’ll have to get a whole new light fixture to ensure your flag stays illuminated until the sun comes up each day. But the one we have here at Stand stays strong and keeps on truckin’, thanks to the replaceable battery compartment that allows you to switch out the solar cell batteries if ever they lose their strength.

Every Solar Flag Pole Light comes with solar-chargeable batteries included that guarantee your flag will be illuminated for up to 8 hours, for years to come. You can sleep well knowing that while you’re resting, your American Flag won't ever be left in the dark.

3. Offers Unparalleled Brightness

Be dazzled by the 20 super-bright LEDs, shining with 4300 MCD brightness.

"LED" and "MCD" are terms that are thrown around a lot when it comes to lighting, but nobody seems to understand what they mean and why they’re important. 

Basically, MCD is a measurement for how intensely an LCD light shines, and the average LCD brightness is only around 50-75 MCD. We firmly believe Old Glory deserves brighter lights than that!

Our Solar Flag Pole Light comes equipped with 20 individual LED lights that each shine at 4300 MCD; that’s five times brighter than other solar flag pole lights.

2. It's Seamless & Invisible

Many other solar flag pole lights on the market are installed beneath the flag, up-lighting it by shining from below. Sure, they work, but they make for a pretty ugly eyesore when the sun is out. 

The Solar Flag Pole Light here at Stand sits above the flag and shines down, fitting seamlessly into the aesthetics and looking almost invisible from the ground. 

All eyes will be on the flags you’re flying, instead of a weird hunk of metal in the middle of the flag pole with this streamlined beauty.

1. Effortless Installation & Maintenance

No wires, fasteners, or extension cords needed - just lower your flag pole down to where you can reach the top, and pop the light right on. 

Once you’ve attached the solar light, no further maintenance is needed. (And no electricity bill either!)

If ever you notice the solar-powered LEDs aren't shining as brightly as they once were, there's no need to purchase a whole new light fixture when you've got one of these Solar Lights. Simply bring the flag pole back down and replace the rechargeable batteries with fresh ones that will store the sun's solar charge more powerfully.

 We have plenty of replacement solar batteries in stock, in case this occasionally pops up! No need to worry about searching the web for compatible batteries.

The Solar Flag Pole Light by STAND Flagpoles will make sure you always leave a light on for the honor, pride and respect we uphold for our cherished USA flags.

We STAND with honoring the flag, and these lights do too. Grab yours today to light up your patriotism for all to see, even through the darkest of nights. 

Thank you for reading, United we Stand.

Proud STAND Patriot

Nevada, USA

The STAND Solar Flag Pole Light