5 Reasons Why It's Crucial to Uphold Traditional American Family Values

The traditional American family might seem to be “going out of style”.

But while some people hold the opinion that old-school values don't work in the modern world, we think otherwise.

In fact, here are five reasons why it's crucial to uphold traditional American family values with your own family:

5. Traditional Families Create Support Groups

More traditional families usually lead to increased support for both younger and older members.

For instance, older adults like grandparents, will have family members they can rely on when they become too old to work, and when one of the spouses passes away.

This is much better than a grandparent having to live in a nursing home by themselves, whittling away their last years all on their lonesome.

Instead, a traditional family will have them stick around to play with their grandchildren and help watch the house.

A tighter family is better for everyone.

4. Family Values Lead to Increased Happiness

Furthermore, traditional American family values usually lead to increased happiness for everyone in that family.

The bonds we have with our families are arguably the most important we’ll ever know.

Fostering greater connections and leaning into those bonds as much as possible creates a rock-solid family unit. 

In traditional families, that dynamic might look like a breadwinning father, a homemaking mother, and involved grandparents, or a similar configuration with everyone filling an important role that benefits the family as a whole.

Many people who don’t have a reassuring family unit to find stability and comfort within sadly report increased depression and other mental illnesses. It’s likely that many of these problems stem from more modern family dynamics, stresses and increased burden of responsibility on one party as an individual. 

A family working as a team and supporting each other makes for happier members.

3. Traditional Values Lead to a Strong Work Ethic

For those with kids, it’s imperative to uphold traditional family values since they lead to a stronger work ethic.

Kids learn quickly, and it can be challenging to get your kids to become hard workers if you don’t start the process of setting a good example and teaching them responsibility when they’re young.

Stick with a classic American family dynamic, and they’ll grow up to help run the family business, or excel in their passion.

2. Great Role Models Come from a Classic Family Dynamic

Many young adults have difficulty responding to authority or emerging as young men and women unto themselves. That’s partially because of the collapse of the traditional family dynamic.

In short, these young adults don’t have a man or woman they look up to, like a mother and father or a strong feminine and masculine influence they can model themselves after. 

Kids notice everything, and they'll mimic all the things you do;

The way you treat others, your ethics, and your healthy habits.

The lack of good influences can, in turn, can lead to developmental issues or problems when those young adults raise their own kids.  

A classic family model can provide a strong role model for either a boy or girl, which they can then pass on to their own kids.

1. Traditional Families Are More Often Religious

If faith is important to you, remember that traditional families are often more religious than modern ones. This is crucial if you want your kids to go to Church with you in the future, or take their own kids and continue the tradition.

Religion is certainly fading in prominence in America. But that can all stop if more people adopt the traditional family model.

Tradition is There for a Reason…

Classic American family traditions didn’t evolve out of nowhere.

They came about because they worked, and they served both the immediate family and the greater community.

We think America will be much better once people wise up to this and start to go back to the good old values.

Thank you for reading… United We Stand

Justin, Author
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