Upgrade your flagpole and we will credit your original purchase + ($58) towards your upgrade. 

  • We will credit you up to 100% of the original purchase price of your current flagpole, + $60 towards the purchase of the ALL-NEW ROOSEVELT FLAGPOLE (up to $199)

  • Built to last. Tested in 100mph Winds

  • Black anodized 13 gauge aluminum for 152% increased strength and durability.

  • Proprietary Pin & Pinch locking system.

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(A message from STAND CEO Jason Harward)


Founded in 2017 by Jason Harward, STAND Flagpoles started with the mission of providing an affordable flagpole to get as many American Flags flying across our great nation as possible. Over the years we have found that while some of our customers have loved having an economical flagpole option, others have wanted a more Premium option. We researched every option, and found that we had to go back to the drawing board and start from the ground up. That's where we came up with the Roosevelt Flagpole. Transportable enough for standard shipping methods, strong enough to stay standing in hurricane force winds and reliable enough to keep "Ole Glory" flying for many years to come.

In trying times like these the American Flag is the symbol that will unite us in the common goals of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Thank you for being a part of our mission and for supporting STAND Flagpoles.

Jason Harward

CEO of STAND Flagpoles


Our all new flagpole was built to honor the AMERICAN FLAG while providing a sleek look that will make your neighbors jealous. 

The Roosevelt Flag Pole has an all-new proprietary design that comes with all that bells and whistles, along with the strength to handle anything mother nature can throw at it.

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We’ve built a strict quality control system to make sure all our poles meet our stringent strength standards.

Thick 13 Gauge Aluminum and 3'' bottom Diameter

This is pretty obvious, but thicker aluminum and larger diameter leads to better strength, couple that with our 9'' extension regulators and you get a really strong pole.

Pin & Pinch Locking System

This proprietary system uses metal pins to lock sections in place and a pinching sleeve to keep the telescoping sections sturdy. This takes away need to completely rely on on friction only locking mechanisms.

Black Anodized Finish

Anodizing is second only to diamonds on the hardness scale. It not only gives the Roosevelt a sleek black finish but also ads to the overall strength, hardness and reliability of our new Roosevelt Flagpole.

External Halyard System

The external halyard system functions with a rope, pulley and cleat. This way you can easily raise and lower your flag, as well as fly it at half staff if the day calls for it.

Dual Flag Compatible

The American Flag always flies on top of the flagpole, but it's always fun to rally behind a cause. Fly a state flag, Gadsden flag, or any other flag to show what YOU Stand for.

Installation Adapter

If you already have a cemented hole for your original flagpole, no problem. We have an adapter designed to be cemented into your existing hole and fit on the inside of the Roosevelt.


And with your purchase... 

You get the NEW Premium Roosevelt Flag Pole Gift Package! We appreciate customers like you… who are taking the necessary steps to show patriotism and support for our great country. And you’re also helping us run a more efficient business — and cut down on inventory costs for our flag poles taking up stock in our warehouse.

So we’re passing on those savings to you with these bought-and-paid-for FREE gifts:

[NEW] FREE 4' x 6' Premium Embroidered American Flag (99.99 Value) 

[NEW] FREE Premium Aluminum Gold Finial Ball (29.99 Value)

[NEW] FREE VIP Customer Lifetime Warranty (149.99 Value)

FREE Upgrade to Premium Gold Customer Status (Typically requires minimum $1000+ Purchase)

This Premium Roosevelt Flag Pole Gift Package will stand as a reminder of how great our country is for your family and your neighborhood. Get Your Roosevelt Flag Pole and the gift package now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below.

How Does the Roosevelt Stack Up to Other Flagpoles?

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